Create lasting memories for your loved ones for any occasion,
even when you are no longer around.
Free Gift (e.g. Wine/Beer, Flowers, Cake) if you claim your Free Lifetime plan by 2020.
No credit card required.


Digital Memories & Reminders

Write a text message, upload a photo, record a video or create a voice message for your loved ones.


Send gifts and flowers to celebrate special occasions and let your loved ones know you still care.

Digital Vault

Securely store your important documents (insurance policies, funeral instructions, etc.) on our platform.

Our Purpose

Imagine if you could leave messages to your loved ones in the future, even when you are no longer around — anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, weddings, baby showers — and get reminders yearly.

We provide a platform to remind you and also deliver lasting memories to your loved ones in the event that you have passed on — for free.

Pricing Plans

For Lifetime*
Limited Features
  • 5 Free Texts
  • 5 Free Photos
  • 1 Free Video
  • 5 Free Voice Messages
  • A Simple Will
  • 1 Free Gift**
  • Digital Vault

*Sign up anytime in 2020 for Free Lifetime plan. (Usual SGD 1.88/mth)

**Delivered in Singapore only. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

Get Started
6 Mths PA Insurance*
Billed monthly at
or get a 10% off if billed annually*
  • 300 Texts
  • 300 Photos
  • 10 Videos
  • 300 Voice Messages
  • 2 Gifts** per year
  • A Simple Will
  • Digital Vault
  • Free 1 month of premium

*Includes 6 months Personal Accident Plan (Redeemable from Singapore Insurers).

**Cumulative to 12 after 6 years, delivered in Singapore only.

Choose Plan

Multi Generation Insurance Plan From SGD 100 Per month

  • Guaranteed SGD 1.5M payout*
  • Free 3 months of Premium
    (SGD 3.88/mth)
  • More options available*
  • *Terms and conditions apply
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Why Leave Digital Memories?

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